Topographic Surveying


A topographic survey study for a new school in Richland County, South Carolina.

Dennis Corporation has performed over a dozen route topographic surveys for Lexington County unimproved roads. The surveys included locating all fixed improvements, drainage structures, utilities and topographic data required to establish new right-of-way and design paved travel way surface. The survey deliverables were provided in digital format to the engineer and to Lexington County. Two datum are common for topographic surveys, NGVD ā€˜29 or NAVD ā€˜88. Dennis Corporation can provide data based on either datum as required by City of Chapin. Topographic surveys are typically completed within two weeks from the notice to proceed.



If you would like to discuss a potential topographic project, please contact:
Rhett Frazier
1800 Huger Street, Columbia, SC 29201