Traffic Engineering 


A member of the Dennis Corporation data collection team conducts a traffic study.

Dennis Corporation personnel have conducted a variety of traffic engineering projects throughout the South Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana. These projects have included traffic impact studies, traffic signal design, roadway lighting design, traffic signal warrant analysis, data collection, expert witness, and grant coordination. Our team is committed to conducting comprehensive and detailed analysis on every project. We always communicate with the local public agencies regarding project requirements and attend all public meetings related to project approval.

Our project personnel provide:

  • Traffic data collection services to complete any traffic engineering study
  • Analysis and reporting services for most traffic engineering studies
  • Ad-hoc review and recommendations on traffic flow and geometric design
  • Expert witness support and testimony on traffic and transportation cases
  • Attendance and support at meetings with clients and public agencies
  • Assistance with grant application and coordination for various transportation funding programs

In addition, the unique array of services offered by our company enables us to be a “one stop shop” for land developers, architects, and construction managers.

Our Traffic Engineering Services Include:

  • Pavement Design
  • construction inspection
  • material testing
  • land development and site design
  • surveying

If you would like to discuss a potential traffic engineering project, please contact:
Matt Hines, PE
1800 Huger Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Office: 803-227-8558
Mobile: 803-360-5685