Dennis Corporation attended the Roddey Drive Pedestrian Bridge Dedication Ceremony on October 29, 2008. The Roddey Drive Pedestrian Bridge was a necessary measure for the residents of the City of Lancaster. The pedestrian bridge provides a safe crossing over Gills Creek and adjacent to Roddey Drive for the children that attend North Elementary School, located on the other side of the street. Before the construction of the pedestrian bridge, children and adults had to cross Roddey Drive using a pre-existing, dangerously high volume two-way bridge.

Dennis Corporation Construction Services Manager Tim Antley was especially touched by the construction and dedication of the bridge. A former resident of Lancaster, Mr. Antley still recalls the danger of walking down the two-way road to attend school each day as a youth. “During my years at Lancaster High School, I can remember using Roddey Drive or trying to jump the creek to make it to football practice at the stadium. Coach Roscoe had us park our vehicles at the school and run to the stadium for practice. If this bridge had been installed then, we would have had a safer route to get to our school and practice.”

The project was funded by a Transportation Enhancement Program Grant through the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) and funds from the City of Lancaster. Due to Dennis Corporation’s selection of the fabricator, Big R Manufacturing of Matthews, N.C., and the contractor, Sloan Construction Company, Inc. of Blacksburg, S.C., the design and establishment of the prefabricated bridge proved to be cost effective for the City. Dennis Corporation was also responsible for managing the construction process and serving as a liaison to the City of Lancaster and the contractor throughout the project.

Support Services Director Teresa Meeks, of the City of Lancaster, noted that the construction of the bridge resembled a well orchestrated dance, perfectly timed and beautiful. At the dedication ceremony, one could hear the cars and trucks whizzing by served as a cautious reminder of the dangers that many Lancaster County residents were once faced before the pedestrian bridge was built.

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