SC Technology & Aviation Center Airport Layout Master Plan

Dennis Corporation updated the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and Airport Master Plan (AMP) for Donaldson Field at the SCTAC. An analysis of the airport facility requirements was performed to determine any needed upgrades or new additions to the airport based on forecasted data. The forecasts were used to determine facility requirements and used in both the ALP and AMP updates. Standard FAA recommendations for facility sizes were also used. New Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and All Weather Wind Roses were created based on available 10-year historical wind data.  An ALP Narrative Report was assembled to help explain some of the decision making behind the future airport layout and provide background information regarding recent planning studies at the airport.  A review of airport development alternatives as identified in the feasibility study was also included.  Portions of the narrative report were included in the AMP Update. An Airport Development Program was prepared for SCTAC in a manner that itemized and prioritized each recommended project throughout the 20-year planning period. An itemized cost for each project included in the 20-year SCTAC Airport Development Plan was estimated.

Client: Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood
Category: Aviation – Engineering
  • Airport Layout Plan for Donaldson Field
  • Facility Requirements Determination
  • Wind/Runway Analysis
  • ALP Narrative Report Compilation
  • Master Plan Update for Donaldson Field
  • Aviation Forecast Data Compilation
  • Final Report Preparation
  • Airport Development Plan Preparation
Completed: 2015