SC 7 Bridge Replacement

This project involved the design of the SC-7 Bridge Replacement over SCL/Southern Railroad and S-39 in Charleston County, SC. The designed improvements included the replacement of an existing 800-foot bridge with a new bridge, reconstruction of SC 7 on both the northern and southern approaches, and reconfiguration and reconstruction of the SC7/Arapahoe Street intersection. Some of the services Dennis Corporation provided were: railroad coordination, QA/QC plan review and final roadway plan development. For a complete list please see below.

Client: South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT)
Category: Bridge Design – Engineering
  • Railroad Coordination
  • Hydrology/Hydraulic Design
  • Preliminary Roadway Plan Development
  • Final Roadway Plan Development
  • QA/QC Plan Review
  • Permitting
Completed: 2011