Sandy Pines Lane Bridge Rehabilitation

Dennis Corporation provided professional engineering services for the rehabilitation of a damaged bridge abutment system on Sandy Pines Lane in Dorchester County. Regular damming of the waterway by beavers caused the existing timber pile and lagging system to be severely undermined, leading to roadway base failure on the bridge approaches. Because the concrete bridge deck remained in good condition, the design approach was to rehabilitate the bridge support system with the deck in-place, thereby greatly reducing the construction costs, as well as impacts and review time associated with environmental permitting. In fact, this project was constructed under a “No Permit Required” letter from the US Army Corps of Engineers. This rehabilitation consisted of the installation of a new steel sheet pile system that included wing walls to protect the bridge and roadway embankment from future erosion. The existing timber piles and lagging were repaired and stabilized with the structure in place to continue to support the bridge deck. The new concrete sheet pile cap and approach slab was designed and constructed to serve as the foundation for simple installation of a future new bridge deck once the existing deck reaches the end of its functional life.

Client: Dorchester County
Category: Bridge Design – Engineering
  • Conceptual Design and Alternatives Analysis
  • Surveying
  • Roadway Design
  • Bridge Design
  • Drainage and Erosion Control Design
  • Utilities Coordination
  • USACE & SCDHEC Permitting
  • Wetlands Delineation
  • Preparation of Construction and Bidding Documents
  • Construction Administration
Date Completed: 2014