Midlands STEM Institute Charter School

Dennis Corporation was hired as the Project Manager for this building conversion project. An ambitious schedule was set to renovate an existing 2 story church into classrooms and working cafeteria.  In order to receive an occupancy permit from the Office of School Facilities, contractors and architects were hired and talks with SCDOT for encroachment permits began.  In a matter of 6 weeks from notice to proceed the firm was able to secure the OSF permit by renovating both floors to upfit them to code.  The major obstacles that were tackled during this short time were: wall relocation, fire alarm installation, exit and emergency lighting, ADA compliancy, a fire escape with walkway, parking lot improvements, and a new drop off roadway and crosswalk.  The other challenges of the schedule were working around church and Sunday school classes, and working with the volunteers painting and cleaning while maintaining a safe working environment.

Client: Midlands STEM Institute
Category: Construction Management – Building
  • Site Design
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Chapter 1 and 17 Inspections
  • IT Support
Completed: 2014