I-95 Emergency 3D Scanning

Dennis Corporation was retained by the South Carolina Department of Transportation, District 5 to perform emergency 3D laser scanning surveys on a ¾ mile segment of Interstate 95 running northerly from the I-95/I-20 Interchange in Florence, SC. A number of accidents had occurred on this highly traveled portion of the interstate due to hydroplaning, and our firm was asked to perform surveying services to determine whether the roadway surface met the Department’s minimum cross-slope criteria.

Our staff established high precision horizontal control along throughout project corridor at 200 foot intervals utilizing GPS surveys, and ran precise level loops through the control points with a Trimble DiNi digital level for vertical control. 3D scanning was performed with a Trimble GX Laser Scanner and post-processed with Trimble Realworks.  The scanner enabled our crews to provide precise data while at the same time provide a safe work environment by keeping the crews off of the Interstate surface and travel lanes. The Department was able to use the data to prepare a corrective measures plan.

Client: Palmetto Corporation
Category: Survey
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Pre-Construction Surveys
  • Precise Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys (Conventional & GPS)
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
Date Completed: 2012