CAE East Air Freight Apron Reconstruction

Dennis Corporation was responsible for the demolition and removal of approximately 9,600 square yards of existing airfield bituminous pavement and approximately 4,850 square yards of 15” thick PCC pavement. Additional work included unclassified excavation (waste), subgrade preparation as necessary, placement of approximately 1,300 cubic yards of owner-furnished P-209 recycled crushed PCC pavement aggregate base, placement of approximately 9,500 square yards of new 10” P-501 PCC pavement, placement of approximately 4,850 square yards of new 15” P-501 PCC pavement installation of new aircraft tie downs, top soiling and grassing and placing new pavement markings.

Client: Columbia Metropolitan Airport
Category: Aviation – Construction Management
  • Q/A Testing for P-209 and P-501 Materials
  • Conducted Sand Cone Density Testing on P-209
  • Performed Slump, Air Content, Unit Weight, and Casted Beans on the P-501 Flexural Concrete
Completed: 2010