Caleb Robinson, CEI Technician with Dennis Corporation brought a student in for a day of Job Shadowing. Chris Smith is a Junior at Blythewood High. The day that Chris shadowed Caleb happened to be a rainy day, but that didn’t stop them from exploring the field of Construction Engineering and Inspections (CEI), the tools used for testing and local job sites .

They visited three sites which were nearing completion, Sandy Run Additions in Sandy Run SC, Calhoun New K-8 school and the Calhoun Additions Project. At those locations Caleb showed Chris what tasks are performed for testing on the job sites. Back at headquarters Chris was also shown how to use some of the testing equipment that is used on CEI projects. Chris sent a thank you note saying that enjoyed his time here at Dennis Corporation and that he learned a lot.

Dennis Corporation is proud that our employees take such an active role in our youths’ education. This is just one of the many ways that Dennis Corporation and its employees give back to the local community. During the past 3 years, Dennis Corporation has contributed to many local organizations and has donated in excess of $80,000 in addition to time volunteering to organizations that support the arts, health awareness, community athletics, schools, after school programs, government, churches, and political and professional organizations.

Dennis Corporation is a South Carolina licensed civil engineering, surveying and construction management firm. Dennis Corporation’s specific fields of expertise include civil infrastructure construction management, construction services, expert witness services, program management, intelligent transportation systems, special projects, surveying, traffic engineering and transportation engineering.