Mr. Dan Dennis, Dennis Corporation President, was recently showcased for his continued support of Family Connection. Family Connection is a community based, family-focused organization in South Carolina that strives to strengthen the families of children with special needs through parent support. As a parent with a child diagnosed with Mosaic Down Syndrome, Mr. Dennis has become an active participant and supporter of Family Connection.

Family Connection produces a publication providing guidance to parents of children with special needs. The Dennis Family, including daughter Millie, was featured on the front and back cover, as well as throughout the special issue. After Millie was diagnosed with Mosaic Down Syndrome, the Dennis family turned to Family Connection for their own advice and guidance. As a Support Parent, Mr. Dennis and his wife, Esther, contributed to the special issue An Unexpected Treasure.

“Family Connection has given us the resources we need to get through the questions and concerns. We found a wonderful community of encouragement. Best of all, we have a daughter full of love who had brought more joy to our life than we could ever imagine,” said Esther Dennis. Mrs. Dennis has volunteered regularly to help develop and review information that forms the basis of the Family Connection publication.

Since 1990, Family Connection has assisted over 25,000 families to receive support and advice from other parents and families. Dennis Corporation continues to donate funds to help provide research funding and spread information about Mosaic Down Syndrome. In the summer of 2007, Dennis Corporation co-sponsored the International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association Conference in Richmond, Virginia.

Since its inception in June 2005, Dennis Corporation has donated to over 80 charities and professional organizations, totaling over $120,000. Dennis Corporation is a proud contributor to many local organizations within the community. Over the last 12 months, Dennis Corporation has donated an excess of $61,000 to organizations that support the arts, health awareness, community athletics, schools, after school programs, government, churches, and political and professional organizations.