Dennis Corporation was recently selected to assist 3M with an SCDOT contract to improve the safety of intersections across South Carolina. Recently, Dennis Corporation employees recognized the importance of the project in more ways than one, especially to those who live in Oconee County, South Carolina.

Dennis Corporation Inspector, Allen Ramsey, was performing an inspection of the intersection of Critter Road and Highway 11 in Westminster when a motorist passing by stopped and began taking pictures of Mr. Ramsey working. He then expressed how happy and relieved he was that something was finally being done to make the intersection safer.

The motorist mentioned to Mr. Ramsey his friend, Jessica Porter, was killed at that intersection. On Friday, November 6, 2009, Jessica, a 17 year old honor student from West – Oak High, was on her way to school when she made a left hand turn and was struck by another vehicle.

After learning of the incident, Mr. Ramsey has a greater appreciation for his work. He stated, “It makes me proud to know that due to the results of my work, people will be able to travel the roadways safer and hopefully hear less stories like those of Jessica’s”.

The tragic stories of Jessica Porter and others who have fallen victim to roadway intersection accidents are in the minds of all those working on this project.  Dennis Corporation was chosen to provide sub-contractor oversight for pavement markings and installation of traffic signs on behalf of 3M for intersection projects throughout the State.  For this specific project, Dennis Corporation’s inspectors are documenting conditions at 2,200 intersection across the state.  The inspectors’ findings will be used to improve the safety of these intersections.

The staff at Dennis Corporation understand the importance this project will have on improving the roadways of South Carolina and potentially saving lives as well. Dennis Corporation is honored to be able to help make the people of Oconee County safer and pay tribute to Jessica Porter by making the intersection of Critter Road and Highway 11 a safe route for travelers.

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