Dennis Corporation’s charitable contribution will be used towards the Family Connection Children’s Playroom. Due to their continuous monetary support and volunteering efforts, Family Connections could think of no better way to express their gratitude to Dennis Corporation than to name the Children’s Playroom after Dan Dennis’ daughter, Millie. Mr. Andy Pope, the Executive Director of Family Connection also remarked on Dennis Corporation’s kindness saying “Every time I see a Dennis Corporation truck around time, I think about all off of your generosity.”

Since 1990, Family Connection has assisted over 25,000 families in receiving support and advice from other parents and families. Dennis Corporation continues to donate funds to help provide research funding and promote awareness about Mosaic Down Syndrome. In the summer of 2007, Dennis Corporation co-sponsored the International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association Conference in Richmond, Virginia. The Dennis family was also featured in a special issue of the Family Connections magazine, a publication designed to help guide and give support to parents of children diagnosed with special needs.

Since its inception in June 2005, Dennis Corporation has donated to over 80 charities and professional organizations, totaling over $120,000. Dennis Corporation is a proud contributor to many local organizations within the community. Over the last 12 months, Dennis Corporation has donated in excess of $61,000 to organizations that support the arts, health awareness, community athletics, schools, after school programs, government, churches, and political and professional organizations.