Displaying their continual commitment and support of troops stationed overseas, Dennis Corporation joined in a collaborative effort with many others to send fifteen deployed troops, from the Citadel, care packages during the Christmas holidays. Sharing the sentiments of many, Dennis Corporation wanted to do something to clearly show their gratitude and appreciation to deployed troops during their difficult time overseas which can be especially hard during the Christmas holidays. President of Dennis Corporation, Dan Dennis, is a formal alumnus of the Citadel, attaining both a BS in Civil Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from the institution.

Due to security reasons, the care packages could not be sent to a specific name and address, however, they were sent to the Colonel of the Citadel who then forwarded them to the deployed cadets. The packages consisted of a variety of items that could not be easily obtained overseas but could be safely shipped long distances. Some items were included but not limited to: snacks, condiments, toiletries, and playing cards. Dennis Corporation contributed one package full of these items as a demonstration of their continuous support to troops everywhere, both deployed and stateside.

Including Mr. Dennis, Dennis Corporation employs a number of graduates of the Citadel. Berry Mattox, Traffic Engineering Manager, graduated from the Citadel in 2005 with a BS in Civil Engineering. Also, new Special Projects Manager, Dwight Cathcart graduated in 2003 with a BS in Business Administration.

Dennis Corporation is a South Carolina licensed civil engineering, surveying and construction management firm. Dennis Corporation’s specific fields of expertise include civil infrastructure, construction management, construction services, expert witness services, special projects, surveying, traffic engineering and transportation engineering.