Dan Dennis, president of Dennis Corporation and chairman of the Small Business Regulatory Review Committee, was appointed to the Governor’s Regulatory Review Task Force by Gov. Nikki Haley on Feb. 12. The committee will publicly meet with business owners throughout the state to identify regulations that impede business growth. A report recommending the removal of specific regulations is due by Nov. 15.

“South Carolina can improve its business climate by reducing government involved in business and professional activities that stifle entrepreneurship, small business creation and economic growth,” said Gov. Haley in Executive Order 2013-02.

The eleven-member Task Force includes the Chairman of the Small Business Regulatory Review Committee, appointees from the majority and minority leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives and representatives from different business sectors.

Gov. Haley is also requiring her cabinet members to aggressively review their own agencies and eliminate procedures and regulations that hamper growth. Agencies must report their findings by May 15.

According to the Gov. Haley’s Executive Order, the Task Force must evaluate agencies’ reports, coordinate with the SBRRC to identify burdensome statutes and conduct public hearings to solicit input from stakeholders.

Mr. Dennis was  recognized as the 2011 South Carolina Small Business Person of the Year by the Small Business Administration. He is a Citadel graduate with an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. He is married to Esther Dennis and they have one child, Amelia Rose Dennis.

Gov. Haley expects measurable results in 2014.

Dennis Corporation, www.denniscorporation.com, is a licensed civil engineering, surveying, and construction management firm. Dennis Corporation’s specific fields of expertise include water, sewer, roads, bridges, buildings, airports and other infrastructure.