On June 18, 2009, Dennis Corporation was awarded the 2009 Fitz-John Creighton McMaster Business-Industry of the Year Award by the Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce. The ceremony was held at the Chamber’s 2009 Annual Membership Banquet, Chamber members, State and County representatives, local businesses and citizens, all celebrating companies that are leading contributors to the County.

Beginning in 2008, the Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce decided to recognize a business or industry leader who contributed to the quality of life in the community. In honor of Fitz-John Creighton McMaster, the award honors successful business leaders who were raised in, grew up and/ or went away to school and return to make a very positive impact on the community. Specifically, the award judges those who made outstanding achievements in business growth, performance, sound strategies and practices; continuous improvement in customer service strategies, practices and business challenges; community involvement with unique and innovative approaches, practices, active chamber membership, attendance at chamber functions and committee participation.

Since 2006, Dennis Corporation has been very involved with the County when they were selected as Fairfield County’s engineer. Shortly after that time, Dennis Corporation saw the need to hire additional Fairfield County employees and open a satellite office in downtown Winnsboro. Over the past three years, this relationship has worked together to complete nearly 50 projects that have improved the infrastructure needs and revamped the economic development opportunities for the County.