Dennis Corporation participated as a sponsor for the Spring, 2011 USMC Mud Run, providing engineering and surveying services to reconfigure the parking system for the now semi-annual event put on by the Greater Columbia Marine Foundation. Columbia’s Mud Run is the largest in North America and the proceeds are used to support Marines and their families from Columbia who have been wounded or killed while serving on active duty. The Mud Run is a 5.2-mile course with 34 obstacles that each team is required to maneuver.

Every sixty seconds a team begins the course, leading to the problem of four people coming and four people leaving every minute. Dennis Corporation worked in conjunction with Highway Patrol and SCDOT in order to smooth over the problem of getting participants in and out of the venue. In previous years, problems with parking have caused traffic to be stopped all the way back to the interstate. The problems stem from the event’s enormous number of participants.

According to Charles Hardy, USMC (retired), of the Mud Run Planning Committee, there were no traffic problems with this year’s event due to Dennis Corporation’s assistance and expertise.  The 50 South Carolina Highway Patrol officers hired for traffic management were able to monitor the traffic their vehicles for most of the day.

Dennis Corporation is honored to assist with this fun and challenging event which brings serious help to those families in need. A long time supporter of similar events, Dennis Corporation employs a number of veterans and has a conference room dedicated to those employees.

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