Recently, Dennis Corporation helped a family during their difficult time through generosity, time and support. Dennis Corporation Assistant Construction Services Manager, Thomas Inabinett, led and participated in a project to build a handicap ramp for his grandparents in Barnwell, SC. The two day project consisted of building a handicap ramp to be used by his grandfather, Creighton Smith Inabinett, Sr. Funds for this project were generously donated by Dennis Corporation.

Creighton Inabinett, Sr. worked as an electrician on ships and submarines in the Charleston Naval shipyard until he retired in 1982. He spent six years in the naval reserve prior to this. Last year, he was prescribed a motorized chair. He is now on oxygen twenty-four hours a day, possibly due in part to asbestos he encountered from his days working in the shipyard. The chair allows Mr. Inabinett to spend time outdoors and visit with his neighbors.

Mr. Inabinett had applied for several Medicare grants to have the wheelchair ramp built, but to no avail. Thomas Inabinett wanted to help his grandfather, and Dennis Corporation was proud to partner with him and provide the funds to complete the ramp. Thomas worked with his father, a neighbor and a friend to complete the project while his grandparents were out of town. He was glad the project could be completed without further hindering their ability to get around the house.

Thomas stated, “When I told my grandparents that they did not have to worry about the ramp any more and that Dennis Corporation was helping out, they got emotional. They said they were so grateful and touched that such kind and caring people were so quick to extend such tremendous help.”

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