Always looking for ways to motivate students through fundamental educational practices, Dennis Corporation recently contributed to MATHCOUNTS. MATHCOUNTS is a national mathematics competition geared towards students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Organized with the purpose of challenging young students through complex mathematical problems, MATHCOUNTS tests students on their critical thinking and problem solving skills which are both critical assets needed in our technologically based society. The competition serves as a great view of insight on the realms of mathematics for not only the students involved but the parents, coaches, teachers and various others who come to witness the event as well. The regional competition for MATHCOUNTS was hosted at Dreher High School in Columbia, SC and was sponsored by various organizations, a key sponsor being the South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers.

The South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers, with over 700 members, was created in 1947 with the primary objective being the continuous progression of the field of engineering. Their parent organization, the National Society of Professional Engineers is the organizer of the nationwide MATHCOUNTS competitions and oversees the competitions through the state and local chapters. From giving materials to the participatory schools to deciding the location of the events, the local and state chapters of the National Society of Professional Engineers, help to establish the success of the MATHCOUNTS competitions throughout the country. After learning about the MATHCOUNTS competition and the skills youth are attaining by participating in the program, Dennis Corporation was more than happy to contribute a monetary donation to this program.

Dennis Corporation is a licensed engineering, survey and construction management firm.  Since its inception, Dennis Corporation has grown to employ fifty-three professionals whose specific fields of expertise include civil infrastructure, construction services, construction management, expert witness services, intelligent transportation engineering, program management, traffic engineering, transportation design, special projects and surveying.