Dennis Corporation Celebrates Earth Day


Employees Planting a Japanese Maple Tree

Dennis Corporation provides a wide range of services including environmental services which encompass surveying and inspecting land sites for safety purposes. The firm is celebrating Earth Day today planting a Japanese Maple tree at their downtown office. Dennis Corporation is constantly active in the community and is excited to participate.

Earth Day was created to increase awareness about environmental concerns. The first Earth Day occurred on April 22, 1970 and was established by former US Senator Gaylord Nelson. It continues to be celebrated on April 22 each year. Nelson witnessed the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California and was inspired to promote environmental awareness. This occurred around the time when many were protesting against the war and Nelson used that energy to create this holiday. Earth Day aims to make cities 100% renewable.

Earth Day is now celebrated globally by more than a billion people each year. Dennis Corporation encourages you to be more conscience of how you can impact the Earth is a positive way. Some ways you can help include; replacing paper towels with cloth towels, leave messages on a white board instead of paper, use reusable products instead of disposable, recycle plastic, buy energy saving light bulbs etc. Dennis Corporation is proud to celebrate Earth Day.

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