Continuing its commitment of furthering students’ educational pursuits, Dennis Corporation generously provided resources and guidance to eight USC engineering students who were working on their senior project last fall. The assigned project involved the design of a proposed large scale commercial development. The team, including three Dennis Corporation interns and five other students, was assigned to complete a site design for a Wal-Mart and three out parcels located in northeast Richland County. The students were responsible for completing all of the drawings and calculations that an engineering firm would normally produce for a client and then give a presentation to a panel of professors, professional engineers, and permitting representatives.

Meeting on nights and weekends, the students met at Dennis Corporation’s Columbia headquarters and utilized computers, software and other equipment to finish their project which was completed outside of class over a fifteen week time span. Dennis Corporation’s Civil Infrastructure Division Manager, Jamie Pruitt assisted the students with the design of grading, lift stations, storm water conveyance systems, detention facilities, and water and wastewater lines. In addition, Mr. Pruitt served as one of the panelists reviewing the senior design projects. This is the fourth consecutive year Mr. Pruitt has participated in the panel, which gives the students constructive criticism and input on their design methods and rationale. Engineering Associate, Aaron Schwartz, also helped the students with water and wastewater system reports.

Through this project, the senior engineering students gained the opportunity to develop work experience as well as utilize top engineering equipment and software for the successful completion of their senior design project. “Without the technical guidance of Dennis Corporations’ professional engineers, we would not have been able to complete this project. In addition, the use of Dennis Corporation’s offices, computers, design software and plotters were invaluable to our project. I am happy to report that our drawings and final presentation, which served as our only grade of the semester, were outstanding. Every member of my team received an ‘A’ in the class,” said James Hazzard, Senior Team Member and Dennis Corporation Civil Infrastructure Intern.

Fellow Team Member and Dennis Corporation Intern, Yesim Yazgan also appreciated Dennis Corporation’s support on this project, stating, “Dennis Corporation has always put our education first and provided assistance to us, as students, when needed. For our Civil Engineering Design project, we were able to use AutoCAD Land Development Desktop to complete our design and Hydraflow Hydrograph for stormwater management calculations. The resources that Dennis Corporation allowed our team to utilize have helped us hone our skills as engineers.”

Dennis Corporation is a Columbia, South Carolina licensed civil engineering, surveying and construction management firm. Since its inception in June 2005, Dennis Corporation has grown to employ forty-eight professionals whose specific fields of expertise include civil infrastructure, construction management, construction services, design, expert witness services, special projects, surveying, transportation design, and traffic engineering. Since opening its doors, Dennis Corporation has provided students from all over South Carolina the opportunity to shadow and work with its professionals.