Dennis Corporation is pleased to announce that the City of Chester has recently been awarded a Transportation Enhancement Grant from the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT). Over the course of several weeks, Dennis Corporation employees worked to prepare the application for the City of Chester. Dennis Corporation authored the application, meeting with city officials, conducting field surveys and prioritizing roads on an as-needed basis for sidewalk improvements. The awarded grant money will be used to provide connectivity and safe facilities for alternate modes of transportation, such as walking and bicycling. Repair and construction of new pedestrian crosswalks, sidewalk improvements, as well as streetscape improvements, landscaping programs and historic preservation will also occur throughout the historic City of Chester. Through these improvements, Dennis Corporation and the City of Chester hope to improve the City’s aesthetic appeal, promote a healthy lifestyle for its citizens and a healthier community by reducing carbon emissions from automobile use in the City.

The Transportation Enhancement Grant will provide for nearly $200,000 worth of improvements and construction in the City of Chester. Dennis Corporation will be serving as Construction Manager for the project, providing engineering, design and inspections as well as preparing contracts and assisting in the bidding process for contractors for new pedestrian and bicyclist pathways. The streets that will be receiving new five foot sidewalks, in accordance with SCDOT regulations, will be Wylie Street and Dawson Drive. Replacement sidewalk will be poured on Pine Street and Reedy Street. Throughout the City of Chester, Dennis Corporation will be incorporating 36 new sidewalk ramps into their designs, in addition to new handicap ramps and detectable warning surfaces at crosswalks, which will provide safer facilities for pedestrians and residents.

Dennis Corporation and the City of Chester had the support of multiple influential entities when applying for this Transportation Enhancement Grant, some of which included: the City of Chester Chamber of Commerce, Senator Linda Short, Representative F. Gregory Delleney, Jr., Representative Creighton Coleman, Chester County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey and Mayor Mitchell B. Foster. With the support of so many, Dennis Corporation is pleased to be able to assist with this new transportation enhancement project. Dennis Corporation is a South Carolina licensed civil engineering, surveying and construction management firm. Dennis Corporation’s specific fields of expertise include civil infrastructure engineering, construction management, construction services, expert witness, intelligent transportation systems, program management, special projects, surveying, traffic engineering and transportation engineering.