Dennis Corporation Announces New Banking Relationship With First South Bank

DC New Banking image2Dennis Corporation is excited to announce the establishment of a new banking relationship with First South Bank.

The decision to select First South Bank comes as Dennis Corporation was seeking a local bank with local decision making abilities, fully electronic banking and low fees for its banking needs. Additionally, First South Bank’s understanding of the operational needs of a small business, particularly access to a line of credit, was instrumental in Dennis Corporation’s decision to do business with First South Bank.

“What impressed us most about First South Bank was their commitment to customer service. In this day when most small business banking is impersonal, without access to credit and just plain frustrating, First South Bank demonstrated their commitment to client service by doing what banks used to do,” said, Dan Dennis, President of Dennis Corporation. For  additional information about First South Bank, visit

Dennis Corporation is the largest locally owned, licensed engineering, surveying, construction management, and general contracting firm located in South Carolina, specializing in a variety of disciplines.  Headquartered in the City of Columbia, Dennis Corporation was founded in 2005 and over the past ten years has since become an industry leader, providing innovative solutions for  clients across the state.

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