Dennis Corporation Adopts a New Highway for Litter Pick-Up in Downtown Columbia

adoptahighwaycontentimageDennis Corporation has recently relocated its Adopt-A-Highway location to Huger Street in Downtown Columbia, in close proximity to Dennis Corporation headquarters.

The Adopt-A-Highway is a roadside clean-up program that promotes the eradication of litter and the beautification of states around the US. Adopt-A-Highway provides local groups and businesses the opportunity to volunteer and pick up litter along South Carolina roads and highways.

In previous years, Dennis Corporation adopted a stretch of SC-555 (Farrow Road). The new roadway that was adopted by Dennis Corporation is located along Huger Street, stretching from Laurel Street to Gervais Street. Dennis Corporation made the decision to change locations because of the new location’s close proximity to Dennis Corporation headquarters which is located at the corner of Laurel Street and Huger Street. This opportunity will allow for an increase in amount of time and participation devoted towards the litter pick-up.

Employees of Dennis Corporation will participate in the first volunteer trash pickup day at the new location on  August 26th along the 6-block stretch of Huger Street. Pick-ups will occur every 3 months.

Dennis Corporation is excited to have the opportunity to participate in the beautification of one of the most-seen roadways in Downtown Columbia.

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