Dennis Corporation 2015 Charter School Conference Presentation


2015 Annual Conference

On November 18th, Dan Dennis attended the 15th Annual South Carolina Charter School Conference. In his presentation entitled “Bricks and Mortar: How to Get Your School Built On-Time and On-Budget”, Mr. Dennis spoke about different planning and  cost saving solutions developed through his many years of first-hand experience in completing schools on-time and on-budget.

Throughout the presentation, Mr. Dennis explored two tracks for school construction: renovating existing facilities or new construction. He shared inside knowledge about site requirements, permitting, technology, and building code requirements, in addition to the pros and cons of each track.

Mr. Dennis emphasized the importance of team development and thoughtfully choosing, and trusting, every aspect of your construction team. As financing is an important building block for a strong charter school, Mr. Dennis spoke about different fundraising methods, described timelines for fundraising, and shared financial lessons he has learned over his career.

As Charter Schools are special and capable of creative solutions, Mr. Dennis talked about different options to enhance the learning process, like the use of classroom and outdoor space. Mr. Dennis emphasized the importance of a strong safety plan and different approaches to navigate pitfalls, like school organization and food service.

Mr. Dennis’ many years of experience allowed him to share valuable information and tips to ensure an on-time and on-budget completion of all schools.

Dennis Corporation is a licensed engineering, surveying, construction management, and general contracting firm

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