Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation Disclosure and Analysis

General Statement of Compensation Philosophy

The Dennis Corporation adheres to a compensation philosophy in that compensation is contingent upon an individual’s successful performance of primary duties and responsibilities within the context of his/her job; employees are expected to demonstrate the highest degree of personal integrity and ethics, and to exhibit the highest levels of professional competence in the execution of those duties and responsibilities.

Components of Executive Compensation

Compensation of the Company’s Named Executives can include the following:

  • Base Salary: Efforts are being made to ensure that our executives are paid competitively.
  • Incentive Bonus: Bonuses are determined in January of each year. The bonuses are based on a review of the executive’s performance.
  • Benefits: Dennis Corporation provides all of its full-time employees with health benefits. Executives benefits at the same levels and rates as all full-time employees; the amount of company benefit is defined annually.
  • Memberships: The Company pays all membership dues.
  • Training: The Company pays all training costs 100%.

Frequency of Executive Compensation Review

Executive compensation is reviewed annually at the executive’s yearly review.

Summary of Compensation
Name and Principal Position Year Salary
Daniel R. Dennis, III – President 2019   $200,000
2018   $200,000
2017   $200,000
2016   $200,000
2015   $100,000
2014   $75,000
2013   $75,000
2012   $75,000
2011 $100,000
2010 $130,000
2009 $120,000
2008 $110,000
2007   $90,000
2006   $70,500
2005     $4,000