Company Stock Ownership

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At any time, any Dennis Corporation employee can buy company stock. If interested, please contact Mark Johnston or Dan Dennis directly.

The following table sets forth certain information regarding the ownership of our common stock by all those known by us to be beneficial owners of our common stock. The applicable address for each of our directors and executive officers is c/o Dennis Corporation, 1800 Huger Street, Columbia, SC 29201.

Current Owners of Class A & Class B Shares
Beneficial Owner Class A Shares
(Voting Shares)
Class B Shares
(Nonvoting Shares)
Dennis Corporation Profit Sharing Plan 87,333  
Daniel R. Dennis, III 333  
Grayson Sanders   1100
Heyward Mattox   100
Unissued Stock 12,334 98,800
  100,000 100,000

Key Employee Stock Ownership Plan Document